2018  We didn't show much this year

         The NY Sheep & Wool Festival  

         Supreme Champion Natural Colored Ewe

         Supreme Champion Natural Colored Fleece

         Champion & Reserve Champion Ram & First Flock


2017 New York Sheep & Wool Festival

       Supreme Champion Natural Colored Ewe (yearling)

       Champion Ram, 1st Flock, Best Fleece, 


2017 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

        Champion Natural Colored Fine Ewe

        First place Fine Flock


2016 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

         Supreme Champion Ewe

         Reserve Supreme Champion Ram

         Champion Black Fine Fleece


2016 Big E - Eastern Regional Show

         People's Choice for Supreme Champion Ewe

         Champion Ewe (Yearling)

         First Yearling Ram

         First Fall Ewe

         First Breeder's Flock

         Premiere Exhibitor

         Premiere Breeder

2016 New York Sheep & Wool Festival

          Supreme Champion Ram

          Champion Ewe

          First Flock


2015 National Show (Big E)

          National Champion Ram

          National Champion Ewe

          Reserve National Champion Ram

          Reserve National Champion Ewe

          First Fine Fleece

          First Fine Flock


2015 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

                    (5 fine flocks)

          Champion Ram

          Reserve Champion Ewe

          First fall ram/First Pair of Ram Lambs

          First Flock

          Premiere Exhibitor (over all three Natural Colored divisions)   


2015 New York Sheep & Wool Festival

          Champion Ram

          Champion Ewe (Supreme Natural Colored Ewe)

          First Fall Ewe and First Spring Ewe Lamb

          First Fall Ram and First Spring Ewe

          First Fine Natural Colored Flock


 Homestead 10-896 was overall Natural  Colored Supreme Ram as a lamb at NAILE .  The majority of our flock is sire by him or one of his sons.



have amazing fleeces, great maternal instincts and breed naturally for fall lambs.  Their smaller size make the perfect choice whether you are adding to an existing flock or starting a new one.

Our Merino ewes have been top selling ewes two years in a row at the NY Sheep & Wool Festival.  We will have lambs for sale this spring.