Holiday Goat Milk Soap

THE PERFECT GIFT!  For you or someone on your list! Seven handmade bars of goat milk soap each with a different holiday fragrance and wrapped in beautiful fabrics.  Comes with a lovely card with Della's picture.  A gift that will be enjoyed for months.  We are only making 100 of these gift boxes.  $48 -- shipping & tax included.  Will mail 11/20.

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100% Felted Wool Insoles

Our insoles come in M (      ) or L (         ).  To insure they are the EXACT size you want, we send you two pieces of felted wool.  You simply take the insole out of your shoe or boot, trace and cut them out.  Wonderful for stocking stuffers or just treat yourself.  Your warm feet will thank you.   $17/$19  tax included + $2.25 shipping.
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